“We work across the country and our Exchange server was slowing us down, too difficult to maintain, and costing us too much. Had I known it would be this easy to switch we would have switched years ago. I never worry about backup, uptime, storage, or connectivity: it just works!”

David Phares, Advanced Logistics Consulting

Secure, Updated, and Backed Up

Microsoft Exchange has been a staple in the business world for decades, but it’s tedious and costly to implement and maintain. Email Hosting is the easiest and most effective way to implement and run Microsoft Exchange. We manage every aspect and can add or delete users quickly. The average cost of implementing an Exchange server in your office runs about $600-$1500 per user, with our office, it starts at $0.50/day per user!

Exchange is a powerhouse of an application that many businesses depend on but the continuing cost makes it a large necessary expense. Now with our Email Hosting, you no longer need to worry about maintaining servers, patching Exchange, creating and testing backups for compliance, and business continuity issues.

Should the power go out, a fire erupt, or water damage affect your business you’ll never have to worry about how long it will take to get your business back up and running. It’s as easy as grabbing a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and connecting to Wi-Fi to be back online. Never be concerned about a local machine being infected with a virus to infect your network. Our security systems constantly monitor threats and protect you against every known vulnerability.

Full Power of Exchange in the Cloud!

Bank Level Security
Bank-Level Security

Backups and disaster recovery are not your job. Our data center is NSA certified with redundancy at every level from the building to bit and bites. Your data is safe, secure and always available should a file go missing or become corrupt.

360 Degree Concierge Service
360º Concierge Service

We are the only company, where one email or phone call is all you need to engage for your cloud or onsite needs. Our team of experts resolve questions regarding your cloud services, including your copiers, printers, local & mobile devices, internet service, training, consulting and anything else that might arise.

Hosted Exchange Email
Hosted Exchange Email

Our hosted Microsoft Exchange gives you high-end communication tools while minimizing your cost and freeing up valuable IT resources. Best of all, our email, calendar and task management tools are all synchronized to keep everyone on the same page.

Enterprise Spam and Anti-Virus

Our spam and anti-virus system provides simple, fast and effective protection against spam, viruses, and malware so securing your business is simple and quick. And it updates automatically, so you always have the latest security available.

Permanent Email Archiving

There's no need to delete an email ever again, with our Permanent Email Archiving you keep every single email. And don't keep the emails for nostalgia sake, should litigation ever arise you'll be happy to know that you have every single email both sent and received.

Use Any Device

With Cloud Desktop, you can use your favorite PC, Mac, thin client, smartphone and tablet platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, to access Windows, all your applications, and documents from anywhere.