“Your document management solution completely changed our firm. We had filing cabinets filling our office and always had search down important files. Now we never wasted time looking for documents.”

Tracey Miles, Miles, Smith, & Finley

Stop Filing Documents! Go Paperless.

Every Document: Faster, Smarter, Safe.

Bank Level Security
Bank-Level Security

Backups and disaster recovery are not your job. Our data center is NSA certified with redundancy at every level from the building to bit and bites. Your data is safe, secure and always available should a file go missing or become corrupt.

360 Degree Concierge Service
360º Concierge Service

We are the only company, where one email or phone call is all you need to engage for your cloud or onsite needs. Our team of experts resolve questions regarding your cloud services, including your copiers, printers, local & mobile devices, internet service, training, consulting and anything else that might arise.

Powerful Search
Powerful Search

Stop searching through folders trying to remember where you put that file or who’s computer it was on last. Search by file name, document content, tags, who imported, or who last opened the document. Find any document in seconds, it doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 files or 10,000,000 files you can find documents lightning fast.

Audit Trail Compliance

Know how every document is being used in your firm, no matter how many documents you have in the system. You’ll know who opened it, what was edited, if it was emailed, who emailed it, if it was transferred to a USB drive, or even deleted. Know everything about every file in your practice without ever having to hunt for that information.

Streamlined Processes

Lightning fast is an understatement when talking about the speed of search, retrieving, importing, or moving documents. You’ll never wait on us to get to your important documents and information. There is no comparison to the incredible speed of our Document Management system.

Centralized Repository

Bring together every document and file into one, single repository. Stop hunting across multiple network drives and staff member hard drives for the one file you need. It doesn’t matter if you have 10GB or 100TB of data, we can handle every file and have it accessible anywhere.