Larry Farmer, CPA Reduces Wasted Time by Switching to the Cloud

Larry Farmer, CPA, a three-person accounting firm located in Plano, Texas, recently chose Alpha Actual, a Los Angeles-based cloud technology company, as its cloud partner to transition their business and data securely to the cloud. The Larry Farmer team made the decision to move to the cloud to stay current, to offer their clients the most up-to-date technology and to enable easier staff interaction and communication. Elizabeth Rewitzer, the office manager at Larry Farmer, has been with the small accounting firm since it opened 25 years ago. The firm specializes in accounting and tax preparation and has many clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Elizabeth believes that the technology will make it easier to “communicate and to pass information back and forth” to these remote clients. Prior to the decision to move to the cloud, Larry Farmer was outsourcing their technology to an IT company. In general, the team required “maybe like 21 to 36 hours” of dedicated IT support per month. However, team members were in charge of troubleshooting program problems with the vendor on their own, which wasted a good deal of staff time. Even though they had a dedicated IT support, they were still in charge of installing software upgrades and were spending many billable hours on IT tasks. Switching to a cloud provider will free up all of the staff’s time to concentrate on the main business tasks, such as preparing tax forms and running reports. Even with all of the troubleshooting and downtime, this was still not the largest obstacle for the firm, Rewitzer notes that speed was inconsistent and often slow. “We are in the North Texas area, so if there’s a snow or ice storm or something, then we are pretty much stuck [because we cannot make it into the office],” she said. This led to time delays on sensitive projects and the need for staff to come in and work overtime to get projects completed on time. Depending on deadlines, this generally ran to “upwards of maybe an additional four to five hours a week for each person”—a costly delay and a major pain point for employees. The team chose Alpha Actual after recommendations from “other CPAs, other tax planning professionals.” Liking what they saw in a demo, they made the decision to move to the cloud to stay current, alleviate program slowness and downtime, and eliminate time-intensive IT management by staff. While discussing cloud services with Alpha Actual, the team realized that a major chunk of data that was supposed to be backed up with Mozy had not been properly backed up. Even though Larry Farmer had a backup strategy and was executing it, things were not working properly. An added benefit of switching to Alpha Actual is reliable cloud backups to ensure that all data is securely protected. Indeed, automated backups are a prime selling point for many of Alpha Actual’s customers. Elizabeth estimated that, at present, it would take “a good three or four weeks” for Larry Farmer to get up and running after a disaster. Because they can depend on Alpha Actual’s 360° Concierge Cloud Service, the team will be able to eliminate this downtime so they can get back to work faster. Company Information: Alpha Actual, LLC A prominent Southern California technology firm with a distinctive blend of Certified Technology Professionals, Consultants and Business Solution Providers. They offer closely-held businesses a broad range of technology solutions to meet their respective needs. They help organizations leverage existing IT investments by developing scalable solutions with immediate returns on investment and productivity. They nurture long-term relationships with all of their clients. Schedule your own cloud analysis now. Contact Information: (866) 807-3777
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