“We have staff across the state and needed a solution that would enable us to work faster and stop managing IT. When we found Alpha Actual they helped us make the switch smoothly and will be the only company we trust.”

Julie Nash, Longfellow & Nash Consulting

We understand property management companies and what they need to be successful and that’s no longer managing technology themselves. The best part about moving to Alpha Actual is that you no longer have to be an IT guru, you don’t even need to understand technology, you can solely focus on your client and billing time. When you become a client of ours you’ll experience our 360º World Class Concierge Service so you’ll never need to be concerned about any technological problem you face.

You don’t need to worry about what applications, data, or workflow process will have to change so you can move to the cloud, you can move and work EXACTLY as you do now. Once you login, you’ll experience the same environment that you are used to, you won’t worry about relearning programs or educating partners on how to use the “new system.” There is no “new system,” it’s the same software, data, and experience you’ve always experienced except with less headaches, less money spent, and less wasted time.

We don’t just work with some software packages, we work with every software, no matter the specialty of it, we can run it so you can run your practice. If the local machines in your office fail, the power goes out, or there’s fire in your office you’ll still be in business. Everyone can work from any computer, tablet, or smartphone; every piece of client work is still there left just the way it was before the incident.

With Alpha Actual, you get full version of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Exchange Email Hosting, Document Management, and any additional software is included in your account.

Products that work best for the Property Management industry

Cloud Desktop
Exchange Hosted Email