CPA Firm Lint, Singleton & Heintz Turns to Alpha Actual for Cutting Edge Cloud Solutions 

Lint, Singleton & Heintz is a next-generation accounting firm. Its young owners, all under the age of 40, were frustrated with the problems caused by using an old-style IT firm to handle their computer systems. They found a solution to their problems when they modernized their systems using Alpha Actual 360° Concierge Cloud Service. “The cloud,” co-owner Keith Singleton said, “is the way everything is going.” The firm, which has been in business since 1981, has three owners and 20 people on staff. It specializes in providing a wide range of services to small businesses. Before moving to Alpha Actual, Singleton had to spend about 14 hours each month dealing with IT issues. The CPAs were using an outside IT company and this was not a good arrangement for Singleton’s firm. One problem that resulted was that the firm relied on Thomson Reuters software products. The IT company was not familiar with those products, and they had a very difficult time supporting them. IT issues were the cause of many other problems. When the firm’s website was down, work was delayed, staff morale fell, and clients were unable to access their information on the firm’s portal. Members of the firm were unable to do the work that clients had hired them to do. Although, the conscientious firm members never missed a deadline because of IT problems, but the owners and staff did have to stay late and work weekends to make up for the time lost when their computer systems were down. Another frustration arose from the poor handling of software updates. The outside IT company was supposed to be monitoring when programs needed to be updated, and then installing the updates. However, that usually didn’t happen. In fact, the CPA firm generally only found out that software updates had been missed when they noticed their software wasn’t performing the way that it should. Only then did they realize that a past update, or several past updates, had never been done. Moving to Alpha Actual immediately eliminated these frustrations, it also brought additional benefits. The CPA firm is now able to host Quickbooks online for their clients. They are also saving money because they no longer have to upgrade their server. In the past, they had to upgrade every few tax seasons. Recently, they received an estimate of $28,000 to install a new server, wireless and other equipment. That’s money they don’t have to spend now that they have moved to the cloud. Another major problem for the firm, before moving to Alpha Actual, was improperly done backups. They had two SonicWALLs, one in each office, that were supposed to back up to each other. They were supposed to be constantly checked, and Singleton was supposed to be notified if there were any problems. However, that wasn’t done properly. With Alpha Actual’s enterprise-level backup, the CPA firm has a lot more confidence in their backups. Alpha Actual has also made it easier for the firm’s two offices, in Kansas and Missouri, to work together. They will no longer need to transfer files to each other to get client work completed since everyone will be working in the same cloud environment. Alpha Actual 360° Concierge Cloud Service has eliminated many frustrating and time-wasting problems. Keith Singleton is glad that they made the move to “the front end of technology.” Company Information: Alpha Actual, LLC A prominent Southern California technology firm with a distinctive blend of Certified Technology Professionals, Consultants and Business Solution Providers. They offer closely-held businesses a broad range of technology solutions to meet their respective needs. They help organizations leverage existing IT investments by developing scalable solutions with immediate returns on investment and productivity. They nurture long-term relationships with all of their clients. Schedule your own cloud analysis now. Contact Information: (866) 807-3777
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