CPA Firm Chooses Alpha Actual to Save Money and Time

A CPA Firm, located in Topeka, KS, recently discovered the advantages of working in the cloud with Alpha Actual, located in Los Angeles, CA. The accounting and tax preparation firm that caters to small businesses, including many in the agricultural industry. The 14-year-old firm has five staff members in two locations 65 miles apart, with several extra people assisting during tax season. Before moving the firm to the cloud, the owner and his wife, who is also a staff member, handled nearly all the IT work themselves. That ate up a great deal of time, with each of them losing anywhere from a few hours to three days per month on IT tasks. He said they were scrambling, “spending time doing computer work and IT work, mapping drives, and installing software.” This was time that could have been spent performing client work, expanding services, or enjoying personal time. Addressing IT problems was not only an inefficient use of time but was also frustrating. When they tried to find solutions to problems, they would often receive the runaround. The software companies would blame the hardware companies, and the hardware companies would blame the software companies. Nobody would stand up, take responsibility, and fix what was not working. In addition to wanting to save time and money by eliminating IT troubleshooting and maintenance chores, he also wanted to get on the cloud to be able to sync data between his two offices. Before Alpha Actual, he had to transfer data by backing it up in one location, taking it to the other, and restoring it there. Being on the cloud eliminates the need for that unproductive task. Software is also shared in the cloud, including the firm’s main tools—UltraTax CS Professional Suite, Lacerte, Office Tools Professional Practice Management Workspace, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and TValue5. With Alpha Actual, all the data is now easily accessible from both offices. The future of the firm’s IT weighed on he’s shoulders and it only became heavier as time passed. After looking tirelessly for the right cloud partner that would help them grow instead of simply providing a cloud service, fortuitously for the CPA Firm, he found Alpha Actual. He was impressed with both the quality and the price of Alpha Actual’s 360° Concierge Cloud Service. “[The] price is certainly a big draw,” he said. “[Alpha Actual was] more competitive than other companies [were].” Alpha Actual’s 360° Concierge Cloud Service also gives the CPA Firm the security of no longer having to carry the burden of IT and can focus his time and energy on client work. Company Information: Alpha Actual, LLC A prominent Southern California technology firm with a distinctive blend of Certified Technology Professionals, Consultants and Business Solution Providers. They offer closely-held businesses a broad range of technology solutions to meet their respective needs. They help organizations leverage existing IT investments by developing scalable solutions with immediate returns on investment and productivity. They nurture long-term relationships with all of their clients. Schedule your own cloud analysis now. Contact Information: (866) 807-3777
Posted on November 25th, by Alpha Actual in Success Stories.
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