Alpha Actual Gives McCarthy, Hargrave & Co. More Freedom

The partners and staff of the CPA firm McCarthy, Hargrave & Co. enjoy the freedom they have gained since Alpha Actual moved the firm’s computer files, customer information and software to the cloud. Al Hargrave, a partner in the firm, said he is no longer tied to the office. He’s excited that Alpha Actual has enabled him to access the information he needs to run his business from anywhere he can get an Internet connection. The CPA firm, which specializes in working for non-profit organizations and local government, has two partners, seven staff members and three different offices in Massachusetts. Before moving to the cloud, the firm’s file server was in the main office. The two other offices connected with a terminal service connection. That was a risky setup, Hargrave said. If the main office lost its power or its internet connection, everyone in the whole company would become unable to work. It was only because of luck, Hargrave said, that a disaster hadn’t happened. Now, with the files in the cloud, Hargrave no longer has to worry about the whole system going down. Before turning to Alpha Actual, the firm outsourced its IT operations for two of its offices to a local company, and the work for the third office to a local individual. Hargrave coordinated all the IT work, and he said he had to spend “too much time dealing with IT fires.” This was time he could put to better use doing work for his CPA clients. IT problems kept on cropping up, ranging from relatively simple problems, such as workstation issues, to complex problems, like network software issues. Hargrave is glad to be “able to offload” those problems so he can “just get back to handling client issues, not in-house IT issues.” Another hassle with the firm’s prior IT system was that Hargrave had to update the software and handle the downloads. Not only did that waste his time, but it also meant that he had to kick staff members off the server, so their work was delayed as well. The firm lost billable hours – as many as 150 hours per year. Now, with Alpha Actual 360° Concierge Cloud Service, all of the updating is handled after business hours, so it doesn’t interfere with anybody’s work. Hargrave decided to move to the cloud when he was faced with deciding whether to upgrade the firm’s ancient server, which was seven-and-a-half years old at the time and “drastically out of date” regarding processor speed and memory. It “was a miracle,” Hargrave said, that they were able to run some of their programs at all. Getting a new server would have meant buying the hardware, paying for the labor to install it and purchasing network licenses, for a total cost of around $25,000. By getting on the cloud with Alpha Actual, the firm simply pays a monthly user fee and avoids all the upfront capital expenses. In addition to saving money up front, moving to the cloud has reduced their ongoing operating costs. Hargrave looked at six or seven different cloud vendors. He chose Alpha Actual because it offered a more hands-on approach, and some of the other vendors were significantly more expensive. He is glad he made the move to the cloud, which has freed up his time, freed him from being tied to the office and saved him money. Alpha Actual, LLC A prominent Southern California technology firm with a distinctive blend of Certified Technology Professionals, Consultants and Business Solution Providers. They offer closely-held businesses a broad range of technology solutions to meet their respective needs. They help organizations leverage existing IT investments by developing scalable solutions with immediate returns on investment and productivity. They nurture long-term relationships with all of their clients. Schedule your own cloud analysis now. Contact Information: (866) 807-3777
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