Accounting Firm Simplifies IT By Making The Move To Alpha Actual

An accounting firm, located in Lenexa, KS, provides an outsourced accounting department for professional services and information technology firms. The company has been in business for six years and has one owner, and 10 staff members. The prime reason the firm decided to move their computer systems to Alpha Actual, located in Los Angeles, CA, was to be able to streamline their software offerings so they could be consistent across the company. Another main reason for moving to Alpha Actual was that she wanted to stop managing the company’s hardware and software in-house. Before Alpha Actual, they hosted its own email and had its own servers on-site. The owner chose Alpha Actual as their cloud provider because other cloud companies she had seen would have left them with so many different software pieces that they would have to put together themselves. Alpha Actual was the best for her needs because it provided an all-in-one solution for the firm’s software, virtual work environment, and support. Moving to the cloud has other advantages as well. Some of the staff members already work remotely, but they would like to increase the number of people who are able to do so. The owner said the company is “going down the path of being able to hire from anywhere.” Moving their computer systems to Alpha Actual 360° Concierge Cloud Service, she said, was one of the steps she was taking to move in that direction. Before moving to Alpha Actual, Shauna used two third-party IT companies. The biggest problem she had with the IT companies was that she couldn’t find any who would charge a fixed fee. Instead, the IT companies would charge for every problem. The worst of it was when the IT company had created the problems that they then had to solve. “I felt that we were always paying them to fix things that they broke,” the owner said. For example, the firm’s computers were recently infected with a virus, after the IT company had failed to make sure that the computers had anti-virus protection. The system was down for a day while the IT company cleaned and fixed the problem, It was a frustrating experience for everyone. The IT companies also charged high fees. She had to pay $65 just to call the help desk, even if she only needed five minutes of their time. If the call went over an hour, then the fee turned into an hourly rate of $95. Updates were another problem. Whenever a new staff member started, the company would buy them current software. Different people in the company were using different versions of Office and Adobe. By moving to Alpha Actual, everyone in the company now has the same software version, which makes it easier for people to share files and work together. Moving to Alpha Actual has greatly improved the owner’s overall quality of life. She has young children and lives in the countryside. She liked the ability of working from home, but wanted to make sure that doing so would be as efficient as working in the office. She needed to know that she could count on the system working all the time, even in difficult situations such as the big snowstorms that they get in her area. With Alpha Actual’s 360º Concierge Service in place, she and her whole staff can best serve themselves and their clients. And most importantly, never have to worry about IT again. Company Information: Alpha Actual, LLC A prominent Southern California technology firm with a distinctive blend of Certified Technology Professionals, Consultants and Business Solution Providers. They offer closely-held businesses a broad range of technology solutions to meet their respective needs. They help organizations leverage existing IT investments by developing scalable solutions with immediate returns on investment and productivity. They nurture long-term relationships with all of their clients. Schedule your own cloud analysis now. Contact Information: (866) 807-3777
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